○risen to 43.7● percent in 201○4, compared ●to 9.4 percent in■ 2000. Japan's share● had plung〓ed to 7.7 pe○r

cent, from 25○.5 percent in 200◆0.China's ex〓ports of low-tech go■ods had accounted ●

for 28 percent of it■s export market■ in 2014, compar●ed to 41 percent in ■2000.Moving forward ■to 20

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16 the figur〓es are even ●better. According to■ statistics compile■d by the Worl●d Bank, China ■is the leadi■ng exporter of○ hi-tech dev○ices, totalin■g over US$560bn f◆or 2016. In compa○rison, Japan ■exported

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hi-tech goo○ds valued ●at US$105bn for the〓 same year.No○netheless, many 〓Chinese companies ar○e not sati◆sfied with prior suc●cess and t〓hey hope to en〓joy even greater su◆ccess in the long〓-term future.C

ia●n exporter in 20

hi〓nese smartphone manu〓facturers are looki〓ng ahead to〓 adapt better ●software and ha■rdware to be bui〓lt into their● smartphone ●devices, a◆s

well as to pr○ovide deeper suppo○rt for domest◆ic compani◆es to deve◆lop new chip◆s, so they can s◆tand at th●e forefront to ◆challenge th〓eir bigger globa■l rivals, such as Qu◆alcomm and ●Intel.Huaw

14.●China's share

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